Hotel security guard and survivor speak with Ellen

Mandalay Bay security guards live on Ellen Show

Survivors share experience

The Ellen Show

Jesus Campos, security guard at Mandalay Bay and Stephen Schuck also an employee of the hotel and both survivors of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas share their experience on The Ellen Show.

Their appearance has been controversial, particularly from those open to conspiracy theories.

So you were going on he fire escape to get there?

When I approached the door it didn’t open

Las Vegas shooting survivors on TV
Vegas shooting survivors with Ellen

Is that a normal thing that the fire doo rw ould be locked up?

I just want to mention all the people who assisted that night. Whether it was metro, the FBI, the community especially coming together to help everyone in need. The first responders, even people that got called in to assist in the hospitals. Everything came together and helped that night, even in the darkest hour.