I turned him into a Mexican (McGregor)

McGregor vs Mayweather

Mexican Mayweather


What did Conor McGregor say at the end of the fight about Mayweather being a Mexican?

People online have been wondering what was that about at the end of the fight… Mexican what?

Conor said to Mayweather:

Gret move, great move, good job. Thank you, it was a good job.

I turned him into a Mexican tonight, he fought like a Mexican

By saying he turned him into a Mexican Conor refers to the aggressive / offensive style of boxing that is well known among Mexican boxers. That is all. Stop speculating, it was a compliment.

Since Mayweather is often criticized about his “boring” defensive style, McGregor points out that he made him throw more punches than usual.

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Mayweather vs McGregor after fight
McGregor vs Mayweather

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