Any town I touch down on is mine, Conor McGregor

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McGregor vs Floyd


Tuesday, August 22, Conor McGregor interviewed by ESPN reporter, feeling cocky and confident.

Conor, less than five years ago you were collecting welfare checks, now we can’t even talk to you, you have so many cameras around you. Do you still have moments when this all feels maybe that is not real to you?

McGregor: I enjoy it, I embrace every single moment. I am very blessed to be in the position I am in, it didn’t come easy, it came through many years of hard work and labor. Ia am very very happy with it, I am blessed.

All throughout the world yo seem to have the fans on your side and now here in Vegas, his hometown (Floyd’s) it seems like the fans are on your side as well. Does the world wants you to win this fight?

McGregor: Let’s be real, this is my town. Any town I touchdown on is mine, and that’s it. The Irish fans will take over this whole city for this week, we will run a mook and we will bounce then, that’s it , we get in, get rich and get out.

Tomorrow we have the press conference and weigh-in, if you can make the fight tonight would you want to do it or are you enjoying this, soaking it all in?

McGregor: I am enjoying it of course but I am ready to fight 24/7, I keep a self defense mind and that’s it, so whatever happens now, tomorrow whenever, I am ready.

On the same day, Floyd Mayweather talks as we approach the hyped fight of this Saturday.

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