Announcers getting angry during live broadcasts

Angry sports' announcers

We all get passionate about sports, and so do sportscasters.

This is the first part of a video series compilation of sportscasters getting upset or angry during live broadcasts.

Video Compilation

1. Floyd Mayweather vs Larry merchant.. I wish I was 50 years younger then I’ll kick your ass.

2. Alexander Lalas vs US Soccer Team

3. Dodgers’ anchor gets upset because the game is not showing on screen. Calls colleague a networks’ stooge.

4. Anchor gets upset during New Orleans vs Cowboys game after fireworks from half-time.

5. Blackhats vs Blues

6- Brewers Vs Braves

7- White Sox vs Tampa Bay, Sox’ pitcher gets thrown out of the game and WGN anchor gets angry‚Ķ saying that is an umpire in the American League who knows nothing about baseball.

8. Kevin Garnett thrown out of the game 8. Tampa Bay kicker misses 4th quarter kick.

9. Vikings vs Packers, long pass caught by Randy Moss who does a “disgusting act”, as the anchor says during live broadcast.

10. Furious sports announcers during Mavs vs Wolves NBA game

11. Temple vs SMU game on ESPN

12. Sports’ annopuncers during high school game get furious.

13. New Orleans Saints vs Minesotta Vikings, angry comments. This is not Detroit man, this is the SuperBowl!

14. LSU vs Ole Miss. Get your field goal team on! Horrible call by LSU choosing to snap the ball instead of kicking a field goal.