Funny TV bloopers from around the world

Mar 22, 2016
Enjoy a mix of live news bloopers, funny tv moments and awkward live tv situations. Photographer gets hit with golf ball Woman reporter attempts to jump and fails Big-breasted european sexy weather gi...

Funny Cat Bloopers on the News

Sep 28, 2015
News Bloopers Funny Cats on Live TV A compilation of hilarious news bloopers featuring kitties! Unexpected moments during live TV when cats become the stars at these live newscasts. Cat Bloopers Fox 8...

Chicken causes laugh attack on the news

Jul 20, 2015
Having some fun on Spanish-speaking TV in the United States. Nonstop giggles and laugh, the case of the LOLs after holding a chicken on live television. Funny news moment at Univision, the hispanic ne...

Australian Newscast Prank on Live TV

Jul 16, 2015
Funny dumb prank from Australian TV. Co anchor pranks her partner with a “tricked” vuvuzela Hint: Lipstick More tv wins and news fails on social media. Follow Live TV Bloopers:

Funny news bloopers compilation

May 28, 2015
A compilation of hilarious live tv bloopers. News anchor caught off guard, kid joins the scene, This chick is so batshit.. , Anchor putting makeup on air I was originally gonna come in between her leg...