Psychic exposed on Live TV

Psychic debunked

Vintage TV Shows Psychic exposed on TV You are going to meet a man who claims he can use physical objects with the power of hims mind. Could you explain to the audience why do you devote so much time to this crusade of yours? Debunking psychics I feel it’s a very serious matter to …

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CNN Exclusive: Pokemon Go used to alter Election

Clinton loses to Pokemon Go

CNN News Pokemon Go and the U.S election Two youtubers analyze a controversial CNN segment regarding the last election, the Russians, black lives matters and Pkemon GO! This is just pathetically embarrasing, says Youtuber Computing Forever. How did the Russians could possible steal the election from the beloved Hillary Clinton? The cloud news network has …

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Game Shows

Austin Rogers Jeopardy highlights

Austin Rogers Jeopardy contestant

Game Shows Funny contestant A very unique contestant is getting everyone’s attention. His name is Austin Rogers. He’s smart and full of personality. Austin ended a 12 week winning streak on Jeopardy, earning $411,000 dollars total! The video above is a long compilation of highlights from all the 12 Jeopardy appearances. He later appeared on …

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