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Funny Bloopers Compilation

Funny awkward live news moments.

Enjoy a mix of live news bloopers, funny tv moments and awkward live tv situations.

Photographer gets hit with golf ball
Woman reporter attempts to jump and fails
Big-breasted European sexy weather girl jumps

Monkey slaps tv host on the face
Dutch reporter falls from the boat to the water
Angry men fight and destroy table on live TV
Magician gets tv host freaked out with a spider on her hand
Reporter gets blown to the ground by strong winds
Stupid teenager cries about Miley Cyrus concert

Weatherman gets scared after light snaps and goes out
Spanish reporter drops big easter chocolate egg (looks fake)
Train passing by too close
Guy drinks from flower vase behind reporter
Obama protester takes reporter’s microphone and gets on camera

Squatters in Detroit throw soda to reporter
Guy rides huge bicycle behind weather reporter
Old man says fuck her right in the pussy
Rabbits get freaky
Weatherman can’t stop laughing as his fellow anchor talks about getting wet
Creepy weird woman gets reported really scared

The most action you’ve had (Awkward News Moment)

Uncomfortable TV

Awkward News Moment

Weatherman Charlie Shortino in Wisconsin makes a typical local news moment a bit… awkward with his remarks about his coworker and the dog she is playing with.

Ok Charlie, I’m gonna sit here and just hang out with my new best friend, Bettina

Really? I think you two should get a hotel room or something, there’s a lot of action going on over there. Probably the most action you’ve had in months huh?


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110 Year Old Woman Flossie Dickey Live News Interview

Funny Local News

Interview with a 110 year old woman

Funny live news interview with adorable 110 year-old Flossie Dickey.
Check it out folks, we got her her very one Good-day Spokane coffee mug. She is enjoying some coffee this morning because

Flossie, you said you are a little tired this morning, is that right?

I am tired.

She is very tired, that’s actually, I heard your favorite activity is here at the center, to take a nap.
Take a nap as many times as I can.

Flossie has three children, 12 grandchildren, 2′ great grandchildren and 15 great great grandchildren, you sound like a very busy lady.

She has lived in multiple places in the U.S, she is originally from Oregon.
We got you some flowers, pink and purple we heard are your favorite colors.
She got her nails done, I don’t know if you can see.
I am just going to set those on your lap for you… they won’t stay.
Ill hold them how about that, so they stay.

Later today Flossie’s family is going to be coming out here to throw you a big birthday party.
Are you excited for your party?
Not one bit.

Funny Cat Bloopers on the News

News Bloopers

Funny Cats on Live TV

A compilation of hilarious news bloopers featuring kitties!
Unexpected moments during live TV when cats become the stars at these live newscasts.

Funny cat bloopers - Live news fails
Funny cats news bloopers

Cat Bloopers

Fox 8 News reporter Cathleen Cochrane gets scratched on the face during her live report while holding a cat who since the beginning doesn’t seem too happy to be there.<br
“This little guy is having fun”

No Cathleen, he is not!

Fox 40 female reporter tries to hold a kitty

Cat scratches british reporter

Black cat almost bites anchor’s face at NBC’s WHAG during their “Pet of the week” segment.

Woman reporter talks about Grand Rapids when a cat jumps on her shoulder out of the sudden, funny moment caught on live local news.

Cat eats ice cream during morning TV at THV11

Cat snaps at his owner at KY3 TV

Cat walks by wihle weatherman gives Miami’s weather at Univision

Kitty goes crazy jumping around and falling off the table during the “Pet of the day” segment at Good Day Atlanta (Fox 5 Atlanta)

Oldie news report about two kitties fighting

The swimmer cat from Loudon Counrty Virginia. News anchor from WDBJ 7 starts cracking up laughing uncontrollably

Pinky the male very loving cat who is Pet of the week goes nuts! (literally)

Grumpy cat from Arizona makes an appearance at the Today Show in Australia after becoming a massive viral star online. Great interview

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Chicken causes laugh attack on the news

Chicken on TV


Having some fun on Spanish-speaking TV in the United States.

Nonstop giggles and laugh, the case of the LOLs after holding a chicken on live television. Funny news moment at Univision, the hispanic network in the United States.
univision bloopers

Funny TV Moments

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Funny local news bloopers compilation

Bloopers’ compilation

Funny TV Moments

A compilation of hilarious live tv bloopers


WIN NEWS anchor say she will sound like a drunk.

Fox 25 local news, Melissa Mahan doesn’t know she is on the air.

Mediaoverzicht – RTV Noord Dutch news anchor caught off guard

kid joins the scene to hand out cellphone to her mom (news anchor)

 This chick is so batshit..

Anchor gets caught putting makeup on air

I was originally gonna come in between her legs, live moonig behind reporter, guy drops his pants and shows his butt

Howard Stern guy yelling behind NBS woman reporter, UK Sports reporter fall on live television in Wembley,

Today show blooper from Australia about big fat woman, no audio and reporter gets pissed off, anchorman talking about parking lots, extreme blonde reporter gets in a wind machine

TV presenter lets mosquitoes out of a box, guy shows up with shorts and tie, grumpy cat interview from the today show in Australia, Woman gets hit in the face with football at NFL game

Sports guy tries to be cool & creative in Atlanta, WGN News anchors laugh, interviewing guy in the rain

Funny Local News

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