Post-Debate: CNN Woman whispers to panel member

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They are now calling it the Clinton’s News Network. Some people online are now accusing CNN of “being bias” after this short clip is being passed arund.

One of the post-debate clip on CNN is going extremely viral, showing a CNN anchor apparently telling a poll audience member “what to say.” She actually just whispers to the woman in purple what Hilary Clinton is talking about in the video, but for many this looks as if the lady is “coaching” the undecided voter from the panel.

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It is a never-ending topic, when it comes to mainstream media and different news networks supporting a specific party or candidate.

Bill O Reilly Tweets about CNN and Clinton

A new scandal emerges tonight, CNN caught with what appears to be a fake focus group

Of course Mr. Bill O’Reilly was one of the first ones to tweet about it.