Funny local news bloopers compilation

funny bloopers

Bloopers’ compilation

Funny TV Moments

A compilation of hilarious live tv bloopers


WIN NEWS anchor say she will sound like a drunk.

Fox 25 local news, Melissa Mahan doesn’t know she is on the air.

Mediaoverzicht – RTV Noord Dutch news anchor caught off guard

kid joins the scene to hand out cellphone to her mom (news anchor)

 This chick is so batshit..

Anchor gets caught putting makeup on air

I was originally gonna come in between her legs, live moonig behind reporter, guy drops his pants and shows his butt

Howard Stern guy yelling behind NBS woman reporter, UK Sports reporter fall on live television in Wembley,

Today show blooper from Australia about big fat woman, no audio and reporter gets pissed off, anchorman talking about parking lots, extreme blonde reporter gets in a wind machine

TV presenter lets mosquitoes out of a box, guy shows up with shorts and tie, grumpy cat interview from the today show in Australia, Woman gets hit in the face with football at NFL game

Sports guy tries to be cool & creative in Atlanta, WGN News anchors laugh, interviewing guy in the rain

Funny Local News

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