Funny Cat Bloopers on the News

Funny cats news bloopers

News Bloopers

Funny Cats on Live TV

A compilation of hilarious news bloopers featuring kitties!
Unexpected moments during live TV when cats become the stars at these live newscasts.

Funny cat bloopers - Live news fails
Funny cats news bloopers

Cat Bloopers

Fox 8 News reporter Cathleen Cochrane gets scratched on the face during her live report while holding a cat who since the beginning doesn’t seem too happy to be there.<br
“This little guy is having fun”

No Cathleen, he is not!

Fox 40 female reporter tries to hold a kitty

Cat scratches british reporter

Black cat almost bites anchor’s face at NBC’s WHAG during their “Pet of the week” segment.

Woman reporter talks about Grand Rapids when a cat jumps on her shoulder out of the sudden, funny moment caught on live local news.

Cat eats ice cream during morning TV at THV11

Cat snaps at his owner at KY3 TV

Cat walks by wihle weatherman gives Miami’s weather at Univision

Kitty goes crazy jumping around and falling off the table during the “Pet of the day” segment at Good Day Atlanta (Fox 5 Atlanta)

Oldie news report about two kitties fighting

The swimmer cat from Loudon Counrty Virginia. News anchor from WDBJ 7 starts cracking up laughing uncontrollably

Pinky the male very loving cat who is Pet of the week goes nuts! (literally)

Grumpy cat from Arizona makes an appearance at the Today Show in Australia after becoming a massive viral star online. Great interview

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