Live news accident – Car crash behind reporter

Live news car crash

Caught on camera

Live news accident

When you are doing a live news report, anything can happen.

It can be an interruption, a distraction behind reporter, an unusual response to an interview or an unfortunate accident, just like on this video.

Car crash

Tampa, Florida – A live news accident occurs as a reporter is talking about rising gas prices… as soon as she finishes saying “so we could see fewer people driving”, two cars crash right behind her.

Her name is Adrienne Pedersen and the morning anchor is Gayle Guyardo, for channel 8, CBS affiliate WFLA.

The crash occurred between a compact car and a taxi cab. The driver of the small car was sent to the hospital

Gayle: Pun out right behind you, did you see that Adrienne?
Adrienne: I didn’t , but know I did… so we’re gonna, go on and .. yeah, looks like we have gotten int an accident out here
Gayle: And probably shocked by the gas prices. Alight Adrienne looks like everyone is ok, getting out of the car..

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