BBC Dad and family on interview after viral blooper

BBC Dad after interview
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After famous blooper


Professor Robert Kelly is back now with his wife Jung-a Kim and both children Marion and James.

Professor Robert E. Kelly is an expert in South Korea, he gained viral fame last week with that unusual yet hilarious interruption of his interview with the BBC. Now known as #BBCDad, he joins another interview to explained what happened then and what are his thoughts on the whole situation.

Viral Fame

We watched it multiple times too and our families have watched it as well and everybody we now seems to think it’s pretty hysterical. Yeah, so we understand why people find it enjoyable, catching a regular family off-guard and stuff so yes. It’s funny, we understand that. And of course Jung-a had a major role in making it so funny flying about the room trying to retrieve Marion and James.

Did you find it funny when you watched it back?

Yeah we just laughed, we laughed a lot. Still , we were worried a little bit more. We were worried actually that the BBC would never call us again actually, that was actually our firs response the sort of mortification that we had completely blown our relationship with you-

Professor Robert E Kelly
Viral TV moment…

Bob, were you stung by the suggestion that Jung-a was the nanny and not your wife? That assumption many people made?

Yeah, we were pretty uncomfortable with it. We did not argue about any of those.. so I hope people just enjoy it, not argue over this thing, because I’m not the nanny, that’s the truth, so I hope they stop doing the arguing.

Were you wearing pajamas at the time? Some people have said the reason you didn’t get up at all was because either you were in your pajamas or perhaps you didn’t have any trousers on, as it was already the middle of the evening

Yes, I was wearing pants!

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