110 Year Old Woman Flossie Dickey Live News Interview

Flossie Dickey

Funny Local News

Interview with a 110 year old woman

Funny live news interview with adorable 110 year-old Flossie Dickey.
Check it out folks, we got her her very one Good-day Spokane coffee mug. She is enjoying some coffee this morning because

Flossie, you said you are a little tired this morning, is that right?

I am tired.

She is very tired, that’s actually, I heard your favorite activity is here at the center, to take a nap.
Take a nap as many times as I can.

Flossie has three children, 12 grandchildren, 2′ great grandchildren and 15 great great grandchildren, you sound like a very busy lady.

She has lived in multiple places in the U.S, she is originally from Oregon.
We got you some flowers, pink and purple we heard are your favorite colors.
She got her nails done, I don’t know if you can see.
I am just going to set those on your lap for you… they won’t stay.
Ill hold them how about that, so they stay.

Later today Flossie’s family is going to be coming out here to throw you a big birthday party.
Are you excited for your party?
Not one bit.