Breaks glasses on live TV demonstration

TV Host Breaks Sunglasses

TV host breaks glass

Look at him, looking good… How is the difference Luis, How do you feel?

Luis: Great, I see very clear and defined. The light doesn’t bother me.

Woman: That’s right. And you Carlos, how do you feel? Since you always wear them too.

Carlos: Great, unlike conventional glasses I see with more clarity, and they are the only ones Рwhich I love Р with a lifetime guarantee. And also, look.. I will throw them and nothing happens. Nothing happens to them. Did you see? Throws yours too .

Woman: Yes, I will also throw them.

Carlos: Look, nothing.

(Nervous laughter)

Woman: And today we will give you a super sale, four for the price of one. Ask for your favorite model and as a gift the indestructible stimulights…