The 9 most awkward moments from the Oscars

Oscars 2019 Bloopers

Embarrasing, odd, weird, cringey and awkward moments at the Oscars 2019 Awards Ceremony

1. When Javier Bardem enjoy Queen & Adam Lambert’s performance way too much.

2. When Ryan Seacrest really didn’t get Richard E Grant’s twins joke

3. When Giuliana Rancic felt like oversharing with Bradley Cooper

4. When Ryan Seacrest got Joe Alwyn’s birthday wrong (and couldn’t get any Taylor Swift gossip either)

5. Ashley Graham’s entire painful interation with Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

6. When Glenn Close did that funny face/look

7. When Regina king got her show stuck in her dress as she collected her award. But Chris Evans was obviously a hero.

8- When Kegan Michael Key could not close his umbrella.

9- When Spike Lee was really not feeling Awkwafina’s banter

Odd, awkward and cringey moments at The Oscars 2019

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