News bloopers compilation APR 2019

News anchor makes funny noises

2:42 Reporter under the pouring rain. “Can you sill hear me?” – Welcome back friends. Tonya Pruitt & Mandy McQueen.

Happy 80th birthday to E. Norma Stitz.

“Happy Birthday E. Norma”, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Kid falls behind female reporter during live broadcast at Yuma’s country fair, she can’t keep her composure.

Intro mess up.

Abracadabra, bring our Back-A blooper. Oklahoma’s Channel –  Los cerdos de acero mascot (Ironpigs)

New meaning to the name… Doggystyle? (Hilarious blooper)

News anchor tries to say body pile and says “doggy style”.

Meteorologist Britney Merlot and Voktoria Capek. What is this? Cat shows up on screen, random cat videos.

Loco the baseball mascot getting loco with the wearther girl. FOX 46 Charlotte.

Anchor dancing.

Video compilation by NewsBeFunny on Youtube.