News blooper compilation – Awkward TV moments

Funny best news bloopers compilation

Blooper Compilation

Awkward TV Moments

Wearing green on the green screen FAIL, French singer falls at Fête de la Chanson Française, Jenifer Medley, tv host says you got a dildoI mean a bilbo, the pope gets angry, wardrobe malfunction, chef gets angry with the Today show female presenters, girl pees herself when talking to reporter on the street “I just peed on myself”.

Check your panties… or check your pantries? Soccer paramedic keeps sitting on / falling on injured soccer player, guy tries to do a backflip and gets knocked out, chef caught doing a line of coke at the kitchen on live TV, dude acts weird on camera, woman shows a bit too much when her top opens up.

Live news bloopers compilation

Reporter falls running on the street, “I can’t get this fucking in there” says a reporter not knowing she was on the air. Guy tries to kiss a street reporter from Univision, two volleyball players get tangled and one grabs the other’s breasts.

Jimmy the weather guy says “titties” instead of “tennis shoes, female reporter is frozen and her buggers are coming down her nose, woman reporter skating backwards live and takes a tumble on a windy night.

In Connecticut Dana tries to show off her backflips but fails… then gets encouraged again and fails again, news anchor Blaine Stewart talks about fantasy bras with co-anchor Jessica Larche from News 3, fight during live Russian show, weather girl replaced by dancing dude, news anchor from ABC7 Chicago is scared of the snake on his face, breaking news about Clinton…

TV Fails

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