Funny TV bloopers from around the world

Funny tv bloopers


Funny Bloopers Compilation

Funny awkward live news moments.

Enjoy a mix of live news bloopers, funny tv moments and awkward live tv situations.

Photographer gets hit with golf ball
Woman reporter attempts to jump and fails
Big-breasted European sexy weather girl jumps

Monkey slaps tv host on the face
Dutch reporter falls from the boat to the water
Angry men fight and destroy table on live TV
Magician gets tv host freaked out with a spider on her hand
Reporter gets blown to the ground by strong winds
Stupid teenager cries about Miley Cyrus concert

Weatherman gets scared after light snaps and goes out
Spanish reporter drops big easter chocolate egg (looks fake)
Train passing by too close
Guy drinks from flower vase behind reporter
Obama protester takes reporter’s microphone and gets on camera

Squatters in Detroit throw soda to reporter
Guy rides huge bicycle behind weather reporter
Old man says fuck her right in the pussy
Rabbits get freaky
Weatherman can’t stop laughing as his fellow anchor talks about getting wet
Creepy weird woman gets reported really scared