Funny Christmas news bloopers

Funny Christmas bloopers compilation

Merry Christmas

A charming and funny compilation of news bloopers and amusing TV moments during the holidays.

Blooper Compilation

Best Christmas TV News Bloopers Fails

A collection of the best TV news bloopers fails.

Hardcore black shoppers, lighting of the tree fails, reporter falls no ice-skates, reporter dresses up as a Christmas tree and runs around town, news reporter interviews Santa Claus, Decorating falls from the desk, kids throw snowballs to ABC 7 reporter landing on her head.

Are you in the mood for chestnuts roasting over fire? Reindeer poodle in the background of weather woman, Reporter can’t get the ball on the tree, awkward moment of cute reporter sitting on Santa’s lap, skinny cute reporter says she used to play hockey as she ice-skates and her camera-man falls.

Santa Claus does the weather at Mornings on Fox 11, Anchor asks how do you handle the holiday stress and presents a “psycho” trying to say psychotherapist. Santa Claus on Fox 13 Good Day Tampa Bay with awkward intro, Is it too early to start holiday decorating? And they show a fire. Retailers hoping for a pile of profit… and more