Bloopers’ Compilation March 2019

News bloopers compilation

Blooper compilation from March 2019 By NewsBeFunny on Youtube.
News reporter Britt Moreno caught singing on CBS this morning, wathergirl with a parrot, bad camera work, friendly San Bernardo, Food donations and March Madness, prompter fail, guy runs behid newscaster, Bacon Wrapped Deep Deep Pizza dropped at local 4 news today, reporter spits on his hands and combs his hair, reporter drops and braks microphone live on air, reporter tackles equipment and fall, St Pattys day wethaer fail, Good Day Maine, weathergirl laughs for 3000%, poppy apocalypse mess, spacex launching crew spacecraft, busy traffic morning with delays, rain totals around nevada… rainblow canyon, putting out a fire on a snowday fail, Cardi B tries to trademark Okurrr and news anchor can’t pronounce it. Newspeople from WQAD8 take a cheesburger shot. Tequila, tomato juice and then pickle juice. “This is great if you are a vegan”.