Best retro blooper compilation 80s & 90s

Woman on crutches falls down behind news anchor, horse farts behind reporter, “you tell her to shut up”, What do a man with a funny tattoo and a woman named buttons have in common? – We really don’t know what the heck we are talking about.

Psoriasis treatments. – I can assure tiy I wont’t be watching daytime television. – Did you get your mic on? – Anchor can’t stop laughing, strange camerawork at the nescast during hospial story, kid walks in while weatherman speaks, weatherwomen can¡t say the comet’s name, hayaku.. what? – Wrong interview mess up. – Transportation demonstration car show how airbags work. – Rainy weatenr continues after tomorrow… ” Oh I don’t know what to say! – Which network catering services is that? – KOMO News reporter holds a small pic live on newscast and gets angry after she mntions a burger.