Jennifer Lopez on Saturday Night Live

JLO on SNL (Jennifer Lopez on Saturday Night Live


The latin queen is back. And she is 50.

Ladies and gentleman, Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez AKA JLO, appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) dressed in a tuxedo which would later rip apart.

She stumbled a little at the beginning delivering her joke.

She loves being in New York during the holidays. Christmas is such an important time for me, says JLO, because it really makes you look back at the year and think about all the things you are thankful for.

Some people would say: That’s not Christmas, that’s Thanksgiving. And to them I say, no, shut up. Because this year. to be honest, I have been so blessed.

I got what every girl from The Bronx dreams of. Proposed to by a Yankee player.


I had the biggest movie opening I’ve ever had, that included a lap dance from Cardi B, I went on a sold out tour…

I’m about to perform at the half-time show..

Some people say aI look better than I did back then..

and I┬ím not bragging.. that’s cause you all gossip.

Oh yeah oh yeah.. I got a bibirthday.

I turned 50!

Followed by a cringey bit of an audience member’s headf exploding.

We got it JLO, you are a hot cougar.