Awkward celebrity moments on camera

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Celebrities’ awkard and embarrasing moments compilation.

  • Woman grinds on Usher during concert
  • Jennifer Lawrence awkward kiss with Natalie Dormer on camera (and she liked it)
  • Jennifer Garner tries to correct Conan O’Bryan saying snuck isn’t a word but it backfires.
  • X-Factor judge can’t stop groping co-host’s butt
  • Singer Miguel jumps on top of a fan’s head during Billboard awards, she sued him later for head injuries
  • Keisha tries to give Jerry Seinfield a hug and he refuses on camera
  • Katy Perry collapses on stage during performance
  • Demi Lovato answers question about her favorite dish.. she likes mugs, LOL (Really dumb answer)
  • Kelly Osbourne and her controversial comments on The View about hispanic immigrants.
  • Funny moment with Adele stuck in an awkward interview
  • Cher makes it clear she doesn’t like Madonna on The Ellen Show
  • Lady Gaga chews on Letterman’s notes, fashion designer gropes Scarlett Johanson’s boobs, designer Mizraki is openly gay
  • Security had to throw Andy Dick out after touching Ivanka’s legs on Jimmy Kimmel’s show
  • Wendy faints on TV dressed as the Statue of Liberty, the global awkward moment when
  • Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech at the MTV awards.

Video by Looped on Youtube.

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