Woman flips off Trump, gets fired, wins election

Woman flips off Trumo

Woman who flipped off Trump won election – You’ve all seen that picture most likely. Juli Briskman made national headlines with that photo and she got fired from her job soon after.

How much do you think the viral photo helped you?

Julie: There is no doubt that that photo and me getting unjustly fired form my position at work kicked off my drive and kicked off my desire to become active politically. That day that i got fired I went home and signed up to work the polls during a state-wide in 2017. I don’t know if that helped my name recognition in my community, but it definitely jump-started my activism.

Juli is now Supervisor-Elect for Loudoun County, Virginia

Do you see this win as part of a larger trend? Was this about Trump?

I didn’t run on the Trump issue necessarily. I ran on issues that affect my community, such as fully funding our schools, supporting working women… But there is no doubt that when I was knocking doors it was brought up, and it was brought up on a regular basis. I think that Virginia set the tone for 2020 in my opinion.

When you look back at it and how viral it went, do you have nay regrets on how the message came across?

I don’t really have any regrets for stating my opinion that day. I don’t have any regrets about it, I think that Virginia has spoken and Virginia has refuted the entire agenda of the Trump administration.